Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Lily Jade Beach Day

Hey Babes!
I just got my black leather Lily Jade diaper bag a couple months ago, and I've been loving it! It is a bit smaller than my brown one, so I use it for quicker outings where I don't need as many diapers and snacks. I also took it on a recent weekend getaway without the babies cause it's the perfect traveling backpack for me too. Here's a link to this specific bag, CLICK HERE! It also has the removable organizer inside that helps me keep organized. This bag is so durable and high quality, I don't feel like I have to stress about it getting ruined! 
I shared all the reasons why I love the Lily Jade company a few post back! CLICK HERE if you want to read it! I love a mama owned company that gives back!

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