Monday, July 2, 2018

Sage & Nova's Bedroom Makeover

I'm FINALLY done re-doing the girl's bedroom! I never really "did" it in the first place so this is really exciting for me. When my water broke at 26 weeks, we hadn't gotten a single thing for the babies besides the dresser. And once I made it out of the hospital, it was the last thing I had time for! I totally missed the nesting phase, so we settled for the bare minimum and it was fine by me. We knew it was time for an upgrade when the girls were touching the ends of their mini cribs with their heads and toes. So, I thought since we were going to make the switch to toddler beds, I should have some fun and re-do the whole thing. I've spent the last few months putting this together and now it's easily the cutest room in our house! I'll give you the details of where I got everything!

I am in love with their beds! They are probably my favorite part of the room! The bed frames were so easy to put together and really affordable! I got the bed frames and mattresses from Delta Children. 

Here is the link for the Frames: ABBY TODDLER BED
Here is the link for the mattresses: SERTAPEDIC MATTRESS

The bedding is from Carousel Designs ! They offer really cute colors, I had such a hard time choosing. They also have an option to customize a comforter with different patterns and you can embroider your kid's name on it. 
Here are the peach sheets I got: SHEETS
Here is the Comforter I got: COMFORTER

keep scrolling for more links!

Let's talk about the throw pillows!!!
The cutest handmade Cactus pillows are made by a boss mama! They are really great quality, I was so impressed! 
Check out her Etsy shop here! CACTUS PILLOW

I knew I wanted a round velvet pillow but most out there are really pricey! I never would have thought that Forever 21 would have them and for cheap! Here is the link, they have a few different colors. VELVET PILLOW 

okay the thing I'm most proud about is those macrame wall hangings! That was my big DIY project for their room. It was my first time working with macrame and it took me many hours (pulling a few all nighters so I could work uninterrupted)  to get these finished! I really had so much fun though, I think I'm in love with knotting macrame now. 

That plant in the corner, is FAKE. I was shocked a fake plant could look so good. 
I got it off amazon here: FAKE FLOOR PLANT
The plant is in a basket from HomeGoods.

Those adorable hand-knitted lamb dolls are from Cuddle + Kind !
I love this company. For every doll sold, they donate 10 meals to children in need. The girls LOVE their dolls. Here's the link to the ones they have: LAMB DOLL

The bookshelf and baskets are from IKEA. Here's a link to the shelf: IKEA SHELF

You guys know I'm always down for second hand items! This Velvet Lazy boy chair is from Craigslist. The leather footstool is from a thrift store.
 This painting is also something I made a while ago to hang in their room one day. I'm excited I finally framed it and got it up there! 

The sign says "Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be OK." This was a gift from a sweet friend of mine. She sent it to me when I was in the hospital, pregnant with the girls. Being told from the beginning of my pregnancy that Nova would either pass away in utero or die right after birth I was having a really hard time. This cute sign was a sweet reminder that no matter what happened, it would be okay.  And boy, did it end up being more than okay! I wanted this up in their room as a reminder of that time, their story, and all the miracles that brought them home to me. 

The salt lamp is something I have used since they were babies and I needed a soft light in their room to nurse and check on them. It is such a good nightlight and it purifies the air! I got it off amazon here: SALT LAMP

I got the plant from home depot and planted it in a candle holder from HomeGoods !

Those cute plush lamb chairs in the corner were the girl's Christmas gift from grandma & grandpa last year. They love reading books in them. You can find them here: LAMB CHAIR

The sun mirrors were another score from a local thrift store!

The white lamp is from Target! You can grab it here: TABLE LAMP

Here's another fake plant! Had to go fake since the girls are professional mess makers.  I love this one from Hobby Lobby, and the best part is you can get 40% off with their everyday coupon. You can get it here! FAKE CACTUS
The Basket is also from Hobby Lobby!  I use it to store their diapers and wipes in a convenient place!

The rug is from craiglist! The papier-mache steer head is from a thrift store as well! The teepee is from amazon, a gift from auntie Mia and uncle Casey for Christmas last year. The leaf garland I hung from the top & the white faux fur rug are from Hobby Lobby !

 Overall, Nova and Sage give their new room a big thumbs up! 
They have done so well with the transition from their cribs. They are really independent and love doing things on their own, I don't know why I worried. They love feeling like big girls.
That concludes the tour! Thanks for reading guys! I had so much fun doing this.  Now the challenge of keeping it THIS clean begins!


Special thanks to Delta Children, Carousel Designs, LBC Shoppe, and Cuddle + Kind!