Monday, February 26, 2018

Freebird x Babe Locals

Hey babes, Mia here! A couple weekends ago Sav and I explored historic downtown San Juan Capistrano. The old-town, southwestern vibes fit our style perfectly and seriously give me life. There were cactus' on almost every corner so us plant ladies were in heaven. Naturally, we thought this city and the Mission San Juan Capistrano would be the perfect place to shoot our newest Freebird by Steven boots! We felt right at home with all the southwestern, bohemian vibes. We 100% recommend visiting this gorgeous city for all of it's culture, history and beauty. But if you plan on visiting the Mission, be prepared to pay a huge freakin fee (that we did not pay because #rebels) if you're "all dressed up" and "have a nice camera". LOL. 

So, if you guys know anything about us, you should know that shoes are pretty much our thang. Like seriously. A great pair of shoes MAKES an outfit. That and shoes always fit, ya feel me? And if you know us really reeeeally well, you know how much we love boots (even in the summertime) and even more specifically, Freebird by Steven boots! We've been obsessing over Freebird for years and we both own a couple pairs. And let me tell you this my friends, these boots were definitely made for walkin' - comfiest ever! They'll also for sure turn a couple heads and heck they'll even make you feel like the coolest chick in the west. ;) Freebird shoes are definitely pricey, but I would honestly rather spend the money for a higher quality shoe that's 1. gorgeous duh, 2. will literally last years and years and years and 3. be so comfortable you could sleep in them. 

ANYWAYS. We had so much fun exploring this city and shooting these boots and hope you love the photos!

Sav's shoes go perfect with basically everythingggg. She even claims you can rock em with a muumuu. ;)
Shop Sav's boots here.

My shoes definitely have more of a specific look, but when you find that perfect outfit, it's fire. FIRE. 
Shop my boots here.

Thanks to Zoe and Freebird Stores for gifting our boots! xo.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Striped & Black Favorites

Hi friends!
wow, it feels like forever since we've done a post like this.. TOGETHER! Now that I (Savannah) have moved back to Southern California and we live close again for the past 10 months, we get to see each other way more often! And let me tell ya, it's been pretty awesome to have the gang back together again.  It sometimes takes us over an hour on the phone to decide on a weekend adventure plan, and sometimes for that whole hour I'm trying to squeeze my mom bod into a teenage wetsuit to see if we can go winter surfing...*spoiler* I eventually got it on with many stretching positions and sweat droplets, but couldn't move a muscle once it was on.. so that particular adventure will have to wait. But our adventures always end up a highlight of the week. It's something special to be raising our three little babes together in the sand and salt air.  Anyways, here are some photos from one of our weekends this past month!

Savannah:  Shirt- Forever 21 here | Pants, Jacket- H&M | Shoes- Steve Madden
Mia:  Shirt- Forever 21 | Jumper- Scout & Cloth | Hat- Zara