Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Exploring with the greenest stroller on planet earth

Hey momma friends! I don't know about your kids but my River just loves to be out and about and exploring the world. He's ALWAYS happy when we're outside. And our new fav mode of transportation is our Greentom stroller! River is totally over being strapped down in his car seat and clicked into a stroller facing boring old mom and dad all the time haha so this stroller is perfect for this next phase in life, facing outward and taking it all in! (or sometimes still taking a good snooze... see below :P) Greentom is an amazing company that is all about sustainability and working towards a greener future! Greentom actually stands for a "greener tomorrow" and they make the greenest, and lightest, strollers on planet earth! Their products are safe and sustainable and the fabric is actually made entirely out of recycled bottles! So cool. We went with the Greentom Reversible because it is perfect for little passengers who are ready to explore, but who also might still want to remember who's pushing them around, because like the name implies it's reversible! I also love that you get to customize your stroller!! I chose to make mine with the white frame and olive green fabric and I'm seriously obsessed. I love the color and I love how the white really makes the stroller pop and stand out. Their design is so simple and definitely falls in line with "less is more" which I'm all about. And on top of all of this, it's the smoothest ride ever for baby and mom. For baby, the frame is made from recycled polypropene aka superstrong, elastic, resilient fiber that makes for a bump-less stroll and shock-absorbing wheels. And for mommas, more leg room which is because who's with me on being tired of accidentally kicking the back of the stroller and ending up with bruises the next day!!? But my favorite thing about this stroller and this company has to be their commitment to preserving this beautiful earth and working towards a greener future for our children. 

Besides using our Greentom, I've also committed to using a refillable water bottle (my Hydroflask is always by my side) instead of buying plastic bottles! It seems super simple and easy to do but it really makes a huge difference in the long run! What can you do to love this earth a little bit more and contribute to a greener future? 

I can't rave more about Greentom strollers and what the company stands for! Click here to check them out and keep scrolling to see some of the places we've explored with our stroller so far. :)
San Diego, CA
St. George, UT

Thanks to Greentom for gifting our stroller. All opinions are my own!