Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pom Pom & Tassel Earrings | Babe Locals Shop Relaunch

Hey Babes! Okay, so you might remember a few years back we opened an Etsy shop. Well life got busy, we lost interest in what we were selling, and put the shop on vacation mode for the time being.  We are happy to announce, we have officially relaunched with a product line we are very proud of and excited about! And we hope to add to it in the future. This is one of our must-have, FAVORITE trends right now. Here are some shots of our first collection of handmade pompom and tassel earrings! They are light weight and made with a soft yard.  The metal we use is nickel free, for those of you with sensitive ears.  They add such a fun pop of color to any outfit. Even if its on of those no-make-up, hair-in-a-bun days they make it seem like you put a little extra effort in (trust me, i know. that was me yesterday). They range from big and bold to small and subtle, so you can wear them for any occasion.  Every style come in 5-6 different colors right now (considering adding more colors in the future).  Visit our Etsy shop to see the full collection and details, including color choices! Thank you to those who have shown love & support so far and a big THANK YOU to our happy customers. We are ecstatic that you love them as much as we do. Every pair is handmade with care just for you! Let us know what you think! 

CLICK HERE TO SHOP or in the future you can click the shop tab at the top of the page! 

Also, you can follow along and get info on sales and coupons on our instagram page here!


xoxo, Sav & Mia


  1. Wow! Such beautiful earrings, I actually never had such interest for that but these are so large and attractive at the same time that I wasn’t able to stop looking.

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