Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DIY: Driftwood Dreamcatchers

Our favorite way to decorate our homes is by creating handmade gewds. So, we've had this pile of driftwood that we brought back from our Lake Powell family vacation last summer, sitting around for over a year. We decided to finally put it to good use and turn it into something pretty. These dreamcatchers not only add a light and whimsical feel to our homes, but also have a little extra meaning. 
Twine & String
& Imagination

How To:
These dreamcatchers were super easy to make. We just used the twine to hold the driftwood pieces together by spiraling the twine up one piece of wood and then wrapping it around like a figure-eight a few times with the other piece, so it was a thick enough layer to hold the wood together and then finished it off with a knot. We did this with each corner of the triangle. Then for the middle, we just got creative and weaved whatever design we thought would look cool with a thinner piece of twine or string. To finish this magical creation, we just tied random pieces of lace and ribbon and feathers to the base of the triangle.

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