Thursday, July 17, 2014

Etsy Shop: Opening up a new can of worms

We are so excited to announce the opening of our Babe Locals Apparel Etsy shop! This is something we've wanted to do for a while & hope to expand it in the future. We started making ties for our husbands about a year ago because buying a tie at a department store doesn't say "I love you" quite like a customized hand sewn tie does. We love to make ties that exude personal style and get that cute girl to do a double take. We're also really stoked about these hats we've come up with. We hand pick vintage patches and make them into 3-panel hats to give these patches a new life! Some of the patches we've found have spent years on an old trucker's hat, been tossed aside, only to be peeled off and thrown in a drawer. It's a beautiful thing to give these patches a new home, and even cooler that these hats are one of a kind!  So, now we've decided to make them available to you Dapper Dans, near and far.  Or for all you babe locals out there looking for a special gift for your man! Check out our shop at this link: Babe Locals Etsy Shop. Or click on the "Shop" tab at the top of this page!  If our life was a fishing trip, this is like opening a fresh can of beautiful Mr. Wormies. Although, if you're like me you gently wrap the worm on the hook and give it a swimming lesson rather than stabbing the poor, unsuspecting guy.  And then you catch no fish. Oh well. BUT with this figurative can of worms we hope to catch many fish and we're excited to see where this venture will take us downstream. So to celebrate our grand opening, if you happen to find something you like in our shop use the discount code: CANOFWORMS for 20% off! We have 12 ties and 4 hats to choose from, so go check it out! 

And of course we made our husbands model the ties. This was no easy task. Grown men don't sit still. Here are some of our creations!

Also, Shout out to our main lady Judy for being our first "like" on our Etsy shop. Whoever you are, thanks Judy....luv u girl

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