Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Circus Runaways

Blahblah blah blah blah blaaah. We love ice cream, unicorns, and carnies.
Sooo we never got the memo that it's national ice cream month... First of all, we're offended. Second of all, we didn't even need the memo to know that it was a perfect day for ice cream. Third of all, when isn't it the perfect day for ice cream. Anyways, we got our ice cream fix at Bruster's, the south's best ice cream joint, and on our way back we saw the cutest carnival right on the side of the road like it was put there just for us. Since we had nothing better to do and just happened to be dressed like magical unicorn twins who were meant to be featured in a circus act we had to stop by. We repeat this was NOT planned. Well, us wearing the same awesome rad t-shirt was but the carnival was an unexpected gift from above. Yeah... we have a really bad habit of liking and buying the exact same clothes so half of our closets match. At least we like each other. It makes it much less awkward at parties and social gatherings. And guyz we are sisters! We feel like old-school Mary-Kate and Ashley, except we're grown up and still haven't told our stylists (ourselves) to stop dressing us like twinners (same clothes in differentiating colors). Also, we even choose the same ice cream flavor. weird. 
Things got messy real fast. and then Sav cried like an infant baby child when this happened. So unfortunate.

Sav is wearing: shirt- Understar, skirt- Thrift Store, shoes- Steve Madden
Mia is wearing: shirt- Understar, jeans- Charlotte Russe, shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, watch- Nixon


  1. These are adorable, I'm loving the fun, playful,l goofy, Ice cream carnival time..The pictures are so fun looking.

  2. Oh I forgot, I LOVE the lights on the Ferris Wheel in the back ground...and I want some cotton candy haha