Wednesday, July 9, 2014

America the Beaut

This is our belated post of our Independence Day weekend. We really had such a fun weekend with our husbands.  Besides sundays, 4th of July is really the only day they have work completely off in the summer. So, yet another reason to love this holiday! We drove up to the Looper rd. barn again to spend some time with all the relatives that gather for the big party. Can I just say... the classy game of Corn Hole is highly underrated. There were games, amazing food, and live music.  I might not have all 40+ of their names down yet, but I love this family. They are such good people and I feel blessed to have married into a family like this. Sometimes when you're just enjoying the moment, it's hard to take the time to capture it on camera.  I wish we had taken more pictures but we managed to get a couple in the evening.  Including one of my first neice, Lexi. She is such a babe and I am in love with her, that is all. 

I snagged this one of Rand & his sister, Kayla from her blog Mr Smith & I. I got really lucky with both sister-in-laws in my life. She is an awesome mama, photographer, and blogger. I wish we lived closer for the majority of the year so she could teach me her ways. 

Mia & I found our Patriotic shirts in the men's section at H&M !


  1. I'm not convinced it's possible to get all of the names down! Justin & I have grown up going to "the barn," and we still play the name game every single time.

  2. If you teach me your hair styling model posing ways, I'll teach you whatever it is you think I can teach you...