Monday, June 16, 2014

West Coast Mama Visits the South

I love this little blonde beauty in the middle! That's my mom, Ann-marie.  It was real swell having her back visiting in Atlanta. We discovered the most delicious Mexican food in Atlanta so far, it was called Tijuana Garage. First of all, there were complimentary chips and salsa... we've recently decided it doesn't feel authentic if they don't serve free chips... I mean, am I right? Secondly, it had a beautiful outdoor garden patio area, so the vibes of the place as a whole were really good. We can't wait to go back with the husbands. Evidently I found it important enough to blog about for this long... that's embarrassing..   
Anyways, here's a pretty awesome thing we got to do.

& the perfect ending to our week with mom was a roadtrip to Columbia, SC to go to the Bruno Mars concert for her birthday! We were living off of cherry coke and salt & vinegar chips all weekend, no shame.  The concert was a blast, kudos to you mr. Mars. We were laughing and dancing the whole time. 

I love my momma. I hope she had as much fun this week as we did. Thanks for spoiling us, we enjoyed the girl time!
love, Sav

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