Friday, June 13, 2014

Mermaids Wear Lipstick DIY

This week we made DIY lipstick & it's about to melt your brain out. We love wearing lipstick and when we saw this video we had to try for ourselves! It is the easiest process and we already had the ingredients, all two of them. CRAYONS & COCONUT OIL. 
All you have to do is warm some water on the stove and place a small glass bowl in the warm water. Then, add 1/4 tsp. for every 1 inch of crayon.  You can add more oil to make it more opaque, or less for it to be more vibrant. Our favorite mixture was about 1/2 tsp. with the whole crayon since we like bold lipstick! After the oil has melted in the bowl, add the crayon and mix with a toothpick.  Once it's fully melted, quickly pour it into whatever container you choose! We ordered lip balm containers off amazon here.  It will harden within ten minutes and it's done! Less oil makes them harder so sometimes we microwave them before applying them to our lips! You can use a brush or your finger! #1 TIP: make sure it is Crayola crayons, other brands do not work as well! Trust, this may or may not have been our second attempt. 

This lipstick is so soft & hydrating for your lips, we love it!  Coconut oil is the hot obsession right now, there's a geeky craze going on. We joined in and use it for other beauty remedies but we'll persuade you of its magic another day. Here are some photos from our date night with the hubbies when our crayon lipstick had its first fab debut. 

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  1. I love this!!! I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Thanks for sharin. P.s. you two rock; I love your style!!! My new favorite blog, can't wait to see more post.