Monday, June 16, 2014

Little House on Looper Rd.

Rand's parents have moved from Florida back to their homestead in Pelzer, South Carolina.  The road is named after his family and nearly all the neighbors are relatives.  Our visit this father's day was so much fun! We loved the cozy small town, country vibes there!
We took the golf cart and four wheeler for a drive down the road to explore and found this hidden farmland filled with dandelions, haystacks and fireflies. We wish you all could've seen the boys become professional photographers, stylists and creative directors. They really channeled their inner sass to produce these sweet country photos. Being from the west coast it was really fun to embrace the southern beauty of South Carolina. Taking photos by day and sitting in rocking chairs on the back porch by night.


  1. I love this, Savannah! I've always loved being at "Aunt Tina's" house, or as we always called it: the barn. Plus, I love your vest (is it called a vest if it's long?)!
    Rand looks so fierce on that 4wheeler lol

    1. Thanks so much Megan! haha yea!! I should call it the barn, sometimes I call it the farm but the barn is much more fitting! It's gorgeous out there, I love it. Vest works.. I like to say it's a gypsy cape!? haha I know, that's Rand for you!