Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bohemian Boot Jewlery

We wear boots ALL the time. Maybe it's because we've endured three Utah winters now, so boots are always our go to footie patooties. We also both got married in a fresh pair of Madden's. So, when we caught a whiff of this new boot decor, it was love at first sniff. They sort of, kind of, slightly remind us of some type of cross between gypsies and pirates... a pipsy? ..gyprat? Regardless, it sounds neat.  One of our favorite Etsy shops, Nadz Jewelry Box,  is where we found some of ours. Use the code BABELOCALS10 at checkout to get 10% off your purchase of some awesome boot jewels!  
Isn't Chief the cutest? 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Little House on Looper Rd.

Rand's parents have moved from Florida back to their homestead in Pelzer, South Carolina.  The road is named after his family and nearly all the neighbors are relatives.  Our visit this father's day was so much fun! We loved the cozy small town, country vibes there!
We took the golf cart and four wheeler for a drive down the road to explore and found this hidden farmland filled with dandelions, haystacks and fireflies. We wish you all could've seen the boys become professional photographers, stylists and creative directors. They really channeled their inner sass to produce these sweet country photos. Being from the west coast it was really fun to embrace the southern beauty of South Carolina. Taking photos by day and sitting in rocking chairs on the back porch by night.

West Coast Mama Visits the South

I love this little blonde beauty in the middle! That's my mom, Ann-marie.  It was real swell having her back visiting in Atlanta. We discovered the most delicious Mexican food in Atlanta so far, it was called Tijuana Garage. First of all, there were complimentary chips and salsa... we've recently decided it doesn't feel authentic if they don't serve free chips... I mean, am I right? Secondly, it had a beautiful outdoor garden patio area, so the vibes of the place as a whole were really good. We can't wait to go back with the husbands. Evidently I found it important enough to blog about for this long... that's embarrassing..   
Anyways, here's a pretty awesome thing we got to do.

& the perfect ending to our week with mom was a roadtrip to Columbia, SC to go to the Bruno Mars concert for her birthday! We were living off of cherry coke and salt & vinegar chips all weekend, no shame.  The concert was a blast, kudos to you mr. Mars. We were laughing and dancing the whole time. 

I love my momma. I hope she had as much fun this week as we did. Thanks for spoiling us, we enjoyed the girl time!
love, Sav

Friday, June 13, 2014

Mermaids Wear Lipstick DIY

This week we made DIY lipstick & it's about to melt your brain out. We love wearing lipstick and when we saw this video we had to try for ourselves! It is the easiest process and we already had the ingredients, all two of them. CRAYONS & COCONUT OIL. 
All you have to do is warm some water on the stove and place a small glass bowl in the warm water. Then, add 1/4 tsp. for every 1 inch of crayon.  You can add more oil to make it more opaque, or less for it to be more vibrant. Our favorite mixture was about 1/2 tsp. with the whole crayon since we like bold lipstick! After the oil has melted in the bowl, add the crayon and mix with a toothpick.  Once it's fully melted, quickly pour it into whatever container you choose! We ordered lip balm containers off amazon here.  It will harden within ten minutes and it's done! Less oil makes them harder so sometimes we microwave them before applying them to our lips! You can use a brush or your finger! #1 TIP: make sure it is Crayola crayons, other brands do not work as well! Trust, this may or may not have been our second attempt. 

This lipstick is so soft & hydrating for your lips, we love it!  Coconut oil is the hot obsession right now, there's a geeky craze going on. We joined in and use it for other beauty remedies but we'll persuade you of its magic another day. Here are some photos from our date night with the hubbies when our crayon lipstick had its first fab debut.